“inSPYre” is a mission-accomplished-type time-attack mode attraction.

An abandoned warehouse suddenly appears in the center of the city. This is BLACK-MAX’s hideout, a heinous organization trying to conquer the world.
To put an end to their evil plans, you are going to be dispatched from the intelligence organization inSPYre as agents with various missions.

There are multiple missions and many possible routes through. The solutions may differ every time. An unimaginably difficult challenge awaits.

inSPYre is a whole new attraction.
Try it once and you’ll be hooked!


STORY We are inSPYre, an intelligence organization seeking to eradicate heinous international crime.

Recently we have been most concerned about an evil secret organization called BLACK-MAX.

BLACK-MAX is the devilish side of Max Corporation, a large world-class enterprise headquartered in Geneva. Ever since its founding, the goal of BLACK-MAX has been to conquer the world. Secretly it manufactures weapons, trading them on the black market or hacking national defense systems and selling them to other countries. BLACK-MAX will use any means to achieve its ends. It is the most fiendish of organizations.

BLACK-MAX has finally come to Japan.
“We are looking for agents to fight together with us to put an end to their ambitions.”
“We want people like you—strong in body and mind, superagents with outstanding brains.”
Let’s fight together and defend world peace!